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The best clubs in Europe

Bucharest Nightlife

The nightlife in bucharest. the most luxury and fancy in all Europe

must to come and see this in your eyes

you can make reservation with us and tables without any payment to us

put attention that there is minimum price per table and u must to to come until 00:30

our clubs

Boa club

Boa club. popular and luxury club in romania. open every friday and saturday. minimum for regular table 1000 lei and 2000 lei for vip

Princess club

Princess club. open every thursday,friday and saturday. for students and local people. amazing club and really good prices. tables from 400 lei

Bamboo club

Bamboo club. the popular club. known as the best club in bucharest. open friday and saturday. minuimum 1100 lei per regular table and 2200 lei per vip table

Face bucharest

Face club. the new club of romania. very luxury and amazing club. open friday and saturday. tables start from 1000 lei. dress code elegant

Make reservation with us

It's very simple and easy to make reservations and tables with us to the big clubs

u must to remember that we dont take payment for the res but u have minimum order per table

for quick res for tables until two hours before the event u can text us to whatsapp to +40721025197 with full name and number of people


for contact and reserve table send us your details and we will call u soon